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OK, here’s our offish roundup of all the things we’ve been loving here at Hoopla HQ throughout November. We only have time for lovely things, so we hope these things bring you the same joy..


We have been cackling at the iconic podcast between Mighty Hoopla regulars Jamie Winstone and Princess Julia. ‘Greatest Night Ever’ brings some of your favourite celebs to the microphone to recount some of their most memorable and salacious nights out – expect hot celeb goss, wild tales and an overwhelming feeling of wanting to go out IMMEDIATELY after listening. 


We also recommend Tove Lo’s latest album ‘Dirt Femme’ to be the new soundtrack to your predrinks. Certified bangers one after the other, this pop girly did not come to play. Listen here.  

Remember you can listen to all our fave hits of the month on our official Spotify channel here, including some absolute bops from our upcoming Hoopla headliners… 


Aside from us being fully obsessed with Diana and her revenge dress in The Crown, we would 100% recommend dipping back into the lush television of The White Lotus. Italian scenery? Check. Aubrey Plaza being iconic and sarcastic? Check. Jennifer Coolidge making excellent facial expressions whilst wearing frosted lipgloss? Check check. Binge it here


If you grew up surrounded by hairspray fumes, gossiping Grandma’s spilling the local tea, and knowing the difference between ash and golden blonde – then you’re going to love Three Salons at the Seaside. This cult documentary is back on BBC iPlayer, documenting three Blackpool hair salons and the everyday drama of these communities. Expect to feel warm and fuzzy inside. Watch here.

You all really delivered with the best reactions EVER when we announced our iconic 2023 line up. We were cracking up at your one liners, but this one had us fully gagged. Madonna on poppers for 2024?…