Sat 31st May & Sun 1st June 2025, Brockwell Park, London

She’s one fifth of 2022’s Hoopla headliners Steps, and of course a solo ARTISTE in her own right – it’s only bloody Lisa Scott Lee!

To celebrate 20 years of her legendary solo album Never of Now, we are SO excited for Lisa to take to the Mighty Hoopla stage this year for a solo performance that’s been hotly tipped as the moment of the year already.

We sat down with Lisa to talk about what we can all expect for her set, and her number one motto for a good Hoopla…

Lisa! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss all this exciting news! How are you feeling since the announcements? 

Thank you! I’ve been on a high, I can’t stop smiling! The response has been incredible.

How was your first Hoopla experience last year? 

Last year set the bar high for our Steps Summer shows, it was the perfect opener to 2022. I can still see the finale with gold confetti falling over us and the audience, it was my ‘snow globe moment’.

What made you realise that 2023 was the year to bring back the LEGENDARY Never or Now? 

I’d like to say it was in a boardroom meeting, but the truth is, we had just performed our last concert of the summer and I was on the tour bus with our fab management Fascination and our stylist Frank Strachan (who is also stylist to Kylie!).  We were having a few proseccos and they requested I played my solo album on the way back to London. By the end of the journey, and after much car-dancing, we had made a plan for 2023!!

We have been waiting years for your solo tunes to get the flowers they deserve, and we can’t wait for your solo slot at Hoopla this June! What can fans expect from your show? 

Thank you so much! You can expect a high energy show with some surprises thrown in too! I am in the process of planning my solo set which is really exciting and I want to give the Hoopla audience something special.

Any surprises or covers?…. 

I may include a cover in my setlist, but I want to keep my cards close to my chest for maximum impact on the day!!

Have you thought about your looks for the festival? 

Oh yes, I’m thinking about everything Hoopla right now! Setlist, styling, hair, make up, dancers! I fancy a hair change, more will be revealed.

Why do you think nostalgia is having such a moment in pop culture right now? 

Someone once told me music is like fashion and it always comes back around, I’m so glad they were right. Steps have enjoyed a nostalgic reunion and for me personally, this is a beautiful full circle moment.

What other act on our line up would you like to duet with the most? 

Good question. Maybe Rachel Stevens with a Steps/S Club mash up! Can we make this happen?!

What other act on our line up are you going to make sure you’re front and centre for? 

As many as possible – there’s so many artists I’ve become friends with over the years and who’s music I love. I have great memories of watching from backstage last year with the amazing Glyn who runs Hoopla!

What does the support from our community mean to you? 

It honestly means the world to me. I find it hard to put into words, but I feel like you all have my back and that’s both powerful and beautiful. I am full of love for you all.

And lastly, do you have any top tips for our readers on how to best experience the Lisa Scott Lee show at Mighty Hoopla in June? 

Pick up your LSL tshirt before the festival!!! And also…be like the pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside!

Lisa – we’ll see you on the stage. Get your tickets to see Lisa on the 4th June 2023 here!