Sat 31st May & Sun 1st June 2025, Brockwell Park, London

Mighty Hoopla isn’t just a playground for the best pop acts (Kelly Rowland AND Rachel Stevens in one weekend? We spoil you.) It’s also a platform for a sexy plethora of incredible Queer artists and collectives to showcase their talents to an adoring crowd!

We have an amazing roster of Queer underground clubs playing Mighty Hoopla this year, ranging from cabaret acts, hula hoops on roller skates, insane dancers and more.  

Here are ten of our incredible acts you should definitely add to your must see list for 2023, but remember we have so many more amazing superstars for you to discover this June at Brockwell Park. Support Queer talent! 


Thicc is a space to celebrate all gorgeous bodies and their gorgeous kinks. It’s London’s thiccest Queer, femme body positive night, and it’s hear to scream from the rooftops that you are BEAUTIFUL baby! Whatever your kinks, your darkest desires, there’s space for it at Thicc. 


Did somebody say camp?! Outhaus is a collective of outrageous performers ranging from fire artists, drag sensations, aerial artists and more, celebrating Queer euphoria in the campest, most ridiculous way possible. If you can dream it, you can be it with Outhaus. 

Queer House Party

Dancers – this night is for you. Dancing and celebrating Queer joy is in Queer House Party’s DNA, built as an expression of total happiness and radical expression. Expect banger after banger, outfits that leave you screaming, and performers that are the epitome of LEGENDARY. 

Haus of Dons

If you’ve been to Hoopla before, and not experienced a Haus of Dons show, you’re not doing it right. Haus of Dons is a Drag King collective like you’ve never seen before, and this cabaret brilliance is full of incredible talent you’ll fall in love with. 


Looking for something new? LADS, created by three fearless female performers who are simply legendary in the Queer underground scene, is an unforgettable diverse range of artists who are experts in opera, puppetry, and general bad-assery. Expect jaw to the floor talent. 


If you’re looking for a place to completely let loose and create some Queer carnage, Mimi’s is ready to host you. Their monthly parties are an absolute riot, with an all star line up of some of the UK’s hottest drag artistes, dancers and performers. There’s nothing quite like Mimi’s. 

The Cocoa Butter Club 

If you’re looking for melanin excellence, you’ve come to the right place. The legendary Cocoa Butter Club pull together queer Black, Asian, or racially othered artistes and give them a platform to live the life they deserve. The stage is not the same without The Cocoa Butter Club, so don’t miss their eclectic mix of cabaret performers. 


You’ll never forget your first Queerbruk night. Created by Akeil in 2018, Queerbruk is a space for queer black and POC community members to celebrate afro-caribbean music, and to be themselves without judgement and totally freely. It’s become a staple in Queer nightlife, and you’ll have a party to remember with the Queerbruk crowd. 

What She Said

‘What She Said’ started as an experiment in 2019, after founder Rois finally got fed up of Manchester never having an nights where LGBTQ+ women or non-binary people were put first. It was a whole lot of nights out that led to the curation of the brilliant What She Said, a night that provides a vibrant, safe space for you to dance. J’adore. 


WOOF is a neo Drag/Draglesque platform that vows to redefine sexy and redefine drag. We aim to showcase bodies that never fit the cookie-cutter mold of what this alienating world calls ‘sexy’. WOOF are here to celebrate bodies in our own way, fight back against society, and take ownership over ourselves. They will be taking to the stage in a flurry of art and performance you’ve never seen before. WOOF are the future, redefining sexy.