Sat 31st May & Sun 1st June 2025, Brockwell Park, London

Natasha – thank you so much for sitting down with us. How are you feeling ahead of your Mighty Hoopla debut in June?
I know how legendary this festival is and I can’t wait to get on that stage and rock out in my home in South London and not far from where I grew up.

Your back catalog is the soundtrack to so many people’s lives, how difficult is it to pull together a set list when you have so many bangers?!
Ha thanks!! I love when the crowd sings along with me so I always pick ones I think people will know.

Have you partied with us at Mighty Hoopla before? What are you most looking forward to?
This is my first time – I’m so excited!!!!! The lineup is wonderful so I’m looking forward to enjoying the other performances. Particularly by my friends Kelis and Kelly Rowland, Sophie Ellis- Bextor, and Beverly Knight.

You recently had a real TikTok viral MOMENT with users discovering ‘Unwritten’ for the first time – how did it feel for this song to have another huge moment 19 years on from its first release?
It’s so trippy when you are a songwriter and a song comes from a very intimate place and then when it keeps having moments and new lives. I feel very honoured that my story resonates with people. I loved connecting with the guys who made the ‘sound’ remixing Unwritten in a way that made people respond like that, particularly therealDanny414 and also Rony_boyy who made a wicked dance to it.

Why do you think nostalgia is having such a moment in the pop world right now?
I think a good song is a good song so the goods ones will always be relevant. Music is powerful with regards to memory. It’s like when your Mum makes your favourite childhood dish..More than how good it tastes it also has strong associations with feeling like (hopefully) being loved and cared for; comfort. Music can do the same thing. When you hear music it often takes you to an exact moment years ago .. when I hear Torn my Natalie Imbruglia or Don’t Speak by No
Doubt, I’m suddenly 12 years old at my first Job cleaning shelves at a pharmacy. This was my first experience of how good financial autonomy feels – so girl power associations for sure.

If you could duet with another artist performing with us this year, who would it be and why?
I’d love to do a duet with Kelis – a mash up of ‘ I hate you so much right now’ and These words –‘ I love you I love you I love you’.. would be fun.

What other act will you be rushing over to see?
Jake Shears for sure and OMG just realised Jamelia is there too! It’s been so many years since I saw her. Now I’m really excited. And I’ve been talking to Krystal Klear in the DMs so will be lovely to meet them. I love Beverly Knight so much. will definitely be fan girling over her.

What can we expect from your set [and more importantly… have you thought about your outfit?!]
I will sing my own songs and a couple covers probably. My band sounds so brilliant and of course I have to wear something fabulous.

Lastly, what would you like to say to our community ahead of your performance to get them ready and hyped?
I can’t wait to see you all! Get ready to move and be moved! Can’t wait!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Natasha!