Sat 1 & Sun 2 June 2024, Brockwell Park, London

Aside from our headliners, Mighty Hoopla is a melting pot of incredible new music ready for your ears to grow obsessed with. We’re spotlighting five of our amazing up and coming acts, starting with the incredible NIMMO! 

Here’s our exclusive interview with Nimmo, and don’t miss their set on the 3rd June…

If you could describe your musical genre in five words, what would they be?






If you had to explain your latest music to your younger self, how would you describe it?

“You know that thing you’re trying (and failing) to say right now? Well you’re finally saying it”

What would be the ideal scenario [apart from Mighty Hoopla] for your music to be played in?

Somewhere people can genuinely be themselves. somewhere powerful looking with wide and harsh architecture, no curfew, Guinness and tequila on tap and a beautiful sun set outside the window.

What album growing up would you say formed your musical identity, and got you excited about this art form?

Reva: I’m not sure it has formed our musical identity, but Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions was the album growing up that made me excited about this art form and made me certain that music was what I needed to do.

Sarah: Yeah it’s been such a crazy mix of influence but still to this day Machine Dreams from Little Dragon feels like a turning point in the way we wanted to create music forever.

What song should our community start with from your back catalog?

Come Back [listen here!]

What can we expect from your Mighty Hoopla set?

A VERY VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE and a serious party.

Finish this sentence – Mighty Hoopla to me means…

A totally joyous and un-selfconscious moment watching all our fellow queer friends reign over every stage curating a monster of a queer pop experience.

Follow Nimmo here, and make sure you catch them on the 3rd June at Mighty Hoopla!