Sat 1 & Sun 2 June 2024, Brockwell Park, London

If you could describe your musical genre in five words, what would they be?
Doesn’t take itself too seriously 🙂
If you had to explain your latest music to your younger self, how would you describe it?
Remember when you went to see Björn Again at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena when you were 6 years old? You were dancing your little gay shoes off in the aisles? Well, that’s you on stage now.
What would be the ideal scenario [apart from Mighty Hoopla] for your music to be played in?
An absolutely beautiful cinematic film that tells a gay love story set in the West Midlands. The film begins circa 1979 and carries through to the noughties. It has to end with a happy ending though.

What album growing up would you say formed your musical identity, and got you excited about this art form?

I would be lying if I didn’t say SPICE by the Spice Girls was 100% the first album I absorbed into my being. It was so exciting, I was super fascinated by how each girl had a unique colour scheme. My music marketing brain cogs began turning from that point onwards. And obviously, the music was brilliant too. I particularly loved ‘Last Time Lover’.

What song should our community start with from your back catalog?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say ‘01902’. I think it best encapsulates both albums and could fit on either. It’s a bit sexy, tells a story and you can have a dance to it. It’s probably my favourite to perform live too.

What can we expect from your Mighty Hoopla set?
I’ve definitely taken things up a notch this year with new dancers, new mixes of old/new songs and some proper stage lewks (yes plural!) Me and the team will be riding high from finishing our UK tour days before Hoopla. I’m hoping we’ll be extra slick, professional and effortless! Especially with that 30 second costume change! It’s going to be a ball.

Finish this sentence – Mighty Hoopla to me means…
Mighty Hoopla to me means… a beautiful opportunity to perform to a crowd who will instantly understand every single painful lyric, every single camp musical reference and every single queer nuance – even if they’ve never heard the songs before. That’s a rare and gorgeous thing.

Follow Tom Aspaul here, and make sure you catch them on the 3rd June at Mighty Hoopla!