Sat 1 & Sun 2 June 2024, Brockwell Park, London
If you could describe your musical genre in five words, what would they be:
Energetic, Scandi, Female, Band Pop
If you had to explain your latest music to your younger self, how would you describe:
Hey Dagny, you know that song your gut has always told you to make… I think “Heartbreak In The Making” is it!
What would be the ideal scenario your music could be played in?
I think the ideal scenario is wherever it makes you happiest… on the train, on a plane, up a mountain, in front of the bathroom mirror in the morning to kickstart the day, wherever you like 🙂 I actually know a cowboy from phoenix Arizona, and sometimes he listens to my music while riding his horse rounding up cattle…! 
What album going up would you say formed your musical identity and got you excited about this art form:
Ooh, this is a tough one because there are so many, and for many different reasons! If I were to narrow it down, I’d saw of course, the Spice Girls, because 90s pop albums don’t really get better than that. Anything by Joni Mitchell because I love her lyrics & melodies, and of course The Cardigans. Nina Persson is awesome and I’ve always been inspired by these kind of female fronted bands from the 90s.
What song should our community start with from your back catalogue:
Another tough one! Either start from the beginning; with my first single Backbeat! Or start with ‘Somebody’ from my last album ‘Strangers / Lovers’, and take a deep dive from there…
What can we expect from your mighty hoopla set?
Expect high energy… maybe even some high kicks, and bring your best singing voices, because if there’s one thing about my shows, it’s that audience participation is key!
Mighty Hoopla to me means:
Happy people, enjoying music with friends, in a fun, supportive and safe space!

Follow Dagny here, and make sure you catch them on the 3rd June at Mighty Hoopla!