Doppelgang are twins Sander and Maurice de Graaf who have been cementing their name in the club scene since 2011. When the Doppelgang brothers step onto any stage, they’ll immediately capture your hearts through their tantalizing blend of House, Acid and Disco.

Throughout the years the brothers developed as desirable guests at leading festivals such as Mysteryland, Milkshake, Pinkpop and Lowlands as well as in many clubs around the
globe like XOYO (UK), Watergate (DE) and 69 (BE). They also can proudly add many cities like Tokyo, São Paulo and LA to their list of festival and club gigs.

Besides their nocturnal adventures, the brothers released their first track and music video ‘Guns Out’ in the summer of 2015 and released their first EP ‘Heroes’ shortly after
completing the festival season, in 2016. The EP included remixes by the legendary disco queens Hard Ton and rising stars Pin Up Club.

The journey never stops! In 2019 they made their North America debut where they toured cities such as New York and Toronto for festival and club gigs with A Club Called Rhonda.

Early 2020 they toured Australia for the first time playing gigs in Sydney and Melbourne with the likes of Poof Doof and Pitch Festival. By hosting their own party ‘Supernature’ they showcase their love for disco music. For the queer & curious!

pronouns: they/them