Lexii is a London-based DJ originally from The East Midlands/North.

A professionally trained dancer and model, his love of music and blending sounds creatively inspired him to start DJing. – His unique sets are heavily influenced by 90’s and 00’s RnB, hip-hop, and soul, blending house-pop electronic and dance music with playful fem cees vocals.

With nods to the percussive sounds of ballroom and and techno, Lexii incorporates the well known hooks and rhythms of grime, bassline, 4×4 vocals and garage that influenced his childhood.

The combination of Lexii’s naturally outgoing personality and his uplifting mixes make for crowd pleasing sets that cater to all. Since he broke onto the DJ scene he has secured regular gigs across London with collectives such as ‘LGB’, Jodie Harsh’s ‘Feel It’ party and ‘Juicy D’, as well as guest slots on ‘Jungle Kitty’ and other underground radio stations.

pronouns: he/him