Sophie Lloyd

Sophie Lloyd’s Dj career began over 20 years ago with her passion for digging for rare disco records in car boot sales and begging promoters to play them in back rooms of nightclubs. A very long and winding path ensued of Dj gigs though clubs, festivals, celebrity parties, corporate events which gave her wealth of experience and musical knowledge, and enough anecdotes about her adventures to write a book. 

Fast forward to 2021 she’s a firm favourite on the club and festival circuit, playing regularly for Glitterbox alongside the likes of Horse Meat Disco, Honey Dijon, Louie Vega & Dimitri from Paris.

Since pouring her passions into some serious studio hours, Sophie’s productions are turning heads. Signed to Classic Music Company in 2018 she released a modern day house music anthem ‘Calling Out’ featuring the vocals of Detroit trio Dames Brown. The track received critical acclaim and picked up remixes from the likes of Floorplan, Danny Krivit, David Penn & Riva Starr. While Dj work was out of the question during lockdown, she concentrated on remixes and also  wrote her new single ‘Angels By My Side’ featuring the vocals of Pauline Taylor which is forthcoming on Classic for Spring 2022.

Always naturally understated, Sophie Lloyd’s impeccable taste shines through in everything she does, whether that’s an irresistible party soundtrack or a timeless disco record.


pronouns: she/her