3&4 June 2022

An allocation of free resident tickets for Mighty Hoopla have been set aside for local residents. These will be allocated on a ballot basis. There will be a maximum of 2 tickets per household and will be selected at random.

The ballot will be live as of Tuesday 6th April  2021 any entries made before this will not be counted in the ballot.

This list below shows the roads around Brockwell Park that are eligible to apply for the resident ballot.  

In order to apply for these resident tickets, you will need to submit the following information to [email protected] by 12:00 noon Tuesday 1st June 2021. 

 You must include the following information in your email: 

•please state whether you have a preference for which day you would like to attend (Wide Awake on Friday 3rd September, Mighty Hoopla on Saturday 4th September or Cross The Tracks on Sunday 5th September). If you do not state a preference, you will be entered into either one of the draws at random. 

•confirm your address and provide proof of address (ie. utility bill) along with identification (copy of passport or driving license).

•confirm your full name and which email address you would like to be contacted at if you are selected in the ballot.

The deadline for applications is at 12:00 noon Tuesday 1st June 2021. 

The successful applicants will then be selected at random and contacted the following week with ticket information. 

For any community queries for the event please contact [email protected]

Appach Road

Abess Close

Archbishop Place

Arlingford Road

Arodene Road

Athlone Road

Atwater Close

Bailey Mews

Bankton Road

Bannister Close

Barnwell Road

Bascombe Street

Beckwith Road

Beechdale Road

Bello close

Bob Marley Way

Brading Road

Brailsford Road

Bristowe Close

Brixton Water Lane (between Dulwich road and Brixton Hill)

Brockwell Gate Development (all roads within here)

Brockwell Park Gardens

Brockwell Park Row

Brockwell Passage

Burbage Road – (Half Moon Lane to Giant Arches Road)

Calidore Close

Carver Road

Charles Haller Street

Chaucer Road

China Mews

Claverdale Road

Cosbycote Avenue

Cossar Mews

Courtmead Close

Craignair Road

Craster Road

Crownstone Road

Croxted Close

Croxted Mews

Croxted Road – (Brockwell Park to Turney Road)

Dalberg Road

Delawyk Crescent

Deronda Road

Dewey Lane

Dray Gardens

Dudley Mews

Dulwich Road – (Half Moon Lane to Effra Parade)

Effra Parade

Effra Road (from Tulse Hill – Mervan Road)

Elm Park

Elmwood Road (from Beckwith Road – Elfindale Road)

Endymion Road

Estoria Close

Ethelworth Crescent

Ewen Crescent

Fairmount Road

Fawnbrake Avenue(from Gubyon Road – Brantwood Road)

Greenleaf Close

Gubyon Avenue

Guernsey Grove

Half Moon Lane – (Brockwell Park to Beckwith Road)

Hardel Walk

Harriet Tubman Close

Hawarden Grove

Helix Gardens

Helix Road

Herbert Mews

Herne Hill – (Half Moon Lane to Elfindale Road)

Herne Place

Hicken Road

High Trees (from Upper Tulse Hill – tulse hill

Hillworth Road

Hollingbourne Road

Holmedene Ave

Howletts Road

Hurst Street

Jelf Road

Josephine Avenue

Kestrel Avenue

Kett Gardens

Leander Road

Leckhampton Place

Leeson Road

Mackie Road

Marnfield Crescent

Masey Mews

Mayall Road

Medora Road

Merredene Street

Milkwood Road – ( Lowden Rd to Half Moon Lane)

Milton Road

Montego Close

Morval Road

Norwood Road – (Half Moon Lane to Deronda Road)

Oborne Close

Ostade Road

Papworth Way

Park Mews

Peabody Estate

Probert Road

Railton Road

Raleigh Gardens

Rattray Road ( from Barnwell Road – Mervan Road

Regent Road

Rollscourt Avenue

Romanfield Road

Rosendale Road – (Brockwell Park to Hawarden Grove)

Ruskin Walk

Rymer Street

Saint Matthew’s Road

Saxonfield Close

Scoles Crescent

Scotia Road

Sentamu Close

Shakespeare Road (Dulwich Road to Mayall Road)

Shardcroft Avenue

Skiffington Close

Somers Place

Somers Road

Spenser Road

Stradella Road

Talma Road (from Jelf Road – Mervan Road)

Trelawn Road

Trinity Rise

Tudor Close

Tulse Hill

Tulse Hill (Brixton Water Lane to Skiffinton Close)

Tulse Hill Estate

Upper Tulse Hill (from Tirnity Rise to Brixton Hill)

Warmington Road

Wimbart Road

Winterbrook Road

Woodquest Avenue

Wyneham Road

Resident Hotline
If you have questions about the event please contact us via our resident hotline operational until 12 September
020 8050 4367 or email [email protected]
Please see information about the festival site build and de-rig here:

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