Sat 1 & Sun 2 June 2024, Brockwell Park, London

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This type of Plot Layout is perfect for more longform text, such as articles or biographies. It allows for all sensible typographical devices and can be edited in the WordPress text editor that’s been streamlined and improved to handle Plot projects so should be effortless to use.

First off you can easily make items bold, italic or underlined.

Next up, it’s really easy to put a nice, pullout quite style using the quote system, to write testimonials, reviews or just quotes about your event with ease.

Next up we will include an example of an image, which is really easy to embed within your content using the “add media” button.

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Subheading styles all follow your brand styles and are great for segmenting long periods of content. It’s also worth noting the power of bullet points. They’re great at making specific points:

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On top of bullet lists we’ve also included numbered lists, if that’s useful for you. Here’s a simple example:

  1. List items that are numbered tend to be because the order is important
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You can centre-align or right align the text if you want too. Typically you wouldn’t do this in articles, but it’s there if you have a good reason.

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It’s worth noting you can also add mp4 playlists if you want:

They’re nice and minimal and can work any any fluid content elements.

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These two columns are designed for medium length content that can sit side by side. This layout is set up to have two columns and to include an image.

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Note too that this Plot Layout is using an Alternative Colour Scheme. You can decide to use your alt colour schemes on any Plot Layout, to help your pages shine.

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This is the same layout, Content Columns. Here we’re displaying 3 columns instead without imagery.

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On mobile devices these three all stack one after the other, but on desktop can sit side by side.

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Great for delivering bitesize bits of important text. As with all Plot Layouts, can be inserted anywhere.

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Fifty Fifty layouts are a great way to display a paragraph of text alongside a wonderful image. Nothing’s quite as convincing as a great image with a supporting paragraph.

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What time does the festival start and finish?

The event takes place on Saturday 1 June and Sunday 2 June 2024.

Doors will open at 12:00pm and last entry is 9:00pm

On the Saturday last orders is 10:15pm and the music curfew is 10:30pm

On the Sunday last orders is 10pm and the music curfew is 10.15pm.

Where does Mighty Hoopla take place?

Brockwell Park, London SE24 9BJ

What’s the best way of getting there?

There is no parking available at Brockwell Park, so please use public transport to come to the event.

The nearest Tube is Brixton Station (10 minute walk)

The nearest National Rail is Herne Hill (5 minute walk)

There are numerous bus routes from Central London

Use the TFL Journeyplanner tool ( to plan your route to and from the event. You can select Brockwell Park as a place of interest.

To ensure no illegal parking takes place, Lambeth and Southwark parking enforcement will be working all weekend, and vehicles which are parked illegally will receive enforcement action or be towed. There are multiple road closures in place to help facilitate the event, so normally free parking bays will not be available.

Nelly Furtado
Jessie Ware
En Vogue

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