Sat 31st May & Sun 1st June 2025, Brockwell Park, London

Welcome to Pop Mess! The official Mighty Hoopla platform delivering you a big dollop of pop joy ahead of the big weekend in June. Enjoy exclusive interviews with some of our headline acts, including Jessie Ware, The Veronicas, Cat Burns and more!

Jessie Ware x Tia Kofie

Drag Race UK vs. The World winner Tia Kofi catches up with our Mighty Hoopla 2024 headliner, the one and only Jessie Ware! 

Louise x Dom & ink

Illustrator and Louise Redknapp enthusiast Dom & Ink grills Louise ahead of her return to Mighty Hoopla.

Shaznay Lewis x Mel Blatt

All Saints reunion, all in the name of Pop Mess - we treat ya well. Melanie Blatt sits down with her BFF and bandmate Shaznay Lewis to talk All Saints secrets and what to expect from Shaznay’s 2024 Hoopla show!

Cat Burns x Sadie Sinner

The Cocoa Butter Club co-founder Sadie Sinner talks astrology, neurodiversity and more with the incredible Cat Burns.

The Veronicas x Jaguar

Making dreams come true, we got The Veronicas super-fan Jaguar to chat to Jess Veronica about the pop punk revival, the meaning of glitter-tits, and why Untouched is a queer anthem.