Sat 3 & Sun 4 June 2023, Brockwell Park, London

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We are extremely proud to announce that we raised £42,000 this year towards The Brockwell Live Community Fund this year! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed with the guest list donation scheme, we couldn’t have reached this number without you!

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We are funding 18 incredible local projects this year which will have an outstanding impact on our Brockwell Park community.

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‘Stepping Into Stories’  

A fabulous children literary festival taking place in the heart of Herne Hill for its fourth edition! 


Tree planting on Deronda Estate 

The Deronda Estate was identified as being deficient of trees by the residents who live here. We are proud to be planting another 8 trees in addition to last years fund to help create greener spaces for the community to enjoy.


198 Contemporary Arts and Learning 

A renovation of the community hire space which hosts some of the most influential and diverse local groups Brixton has to offer, including the ‘Revolting Gays’, local LGBTQ+ activists.


Brockwell Park Cricket Nets 

A refurbishment of the cricket nets helps make this sport more accessible to the local community and will encourage a more diverse group of players to learn the sport using the facilities! 


Holmewood Neighbourhood Association Community Greening 

An amazing community garden project which provides the opportunity for residents to share their skills, learn new ones and create positive relationships with their neighbours.


ABRA Community Garden 

Another wonderful community green space which hosts a variety of events for residents to enjoy throughout the year, as well as a lovely garden filled with vegetables and herbs.


The Peoples Piano 

The People’s Piano in the underpass at Herne Hill station attracts thousands of people every year whether they are simply waiting for a train, passing by or they have travelled specially to play the piano. We are proud to be covering another years maintenance!


Friends of Rosendale Primary School 

An inspiring group of friends from the local Rosendale Primary School are working to re-integrate nature & the school nature garden back into school life and learning. 


Brockwell Booters 

This Sunday football club invites all children free of charge to take part in! An amazing opportunity to help make this sport totally inclusive for children and their families in the local community.


Brixton Chamber Orchestra – The Music Trail 

The Brixton Chamber Orchestra will be launching their immersive musical project called ‘The Music Trail’ in its original planned location, Brockwell Park. Check out footage from their previous event on their Instagram highlight ‘Music Trail’! 


Holy Trinity CE Primary School PTFA 

The funding awarded to this school will pay for new supplies for outdoor school activities which take place in Brockwell Park and other outdoor spaces in the communities. 


Huggins Corner 

The newly named ‘Huggins Corner’ is currently an abandoned area on the South Circular. This funding will transform the area into a community garden for everyone to enjoy!

‘Roupell Park Greening the Estate’ Project

A community greening initiative which will plant trees, shrubs and vegetables in a shared garden, encouraging more residents to spend time outside of their homes, in the green spaces!


Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses 

With this funding, the BPCG will establish ‘The Learning Garden’, which will become a valuable asset for the educational programme which will reach children of all ages, teaching children about food production, biodiversity and climate change.


Brockwell Gate 

This funding will plant more native species of trees and plants within the surrounding areas of the Brockwell Gate, encouraging biodiversity, sustainability and contributing towards improving the environment for all residents living on Tulse Hill. 


The St Matthews Project 

Their inspiring team of football coaches are recruited from within the local community and people who have come through the team themselves, including ex gang members. By reinforcing a teamwork ethic, the Saturday Club contributes to young people’s personal development as well as a fun motivating football club!


Tulse Hill Estate Community Garden 

The Tulse Hill Estate Community Garden will be using their dedicated funding to install a standpipe, as well as pay for new equipment, tools, plants and a new shed to store everything in.


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