3&4 June 2022

Following the Mighty Hoopla & Cross The Tracks events in Brockwell Park in 2019, the organisers launched the Mighty Hoopla & Cross The Tracks Community Fund.

The fund consisted of guestlist contributions paid by all attendees on the events guest list.

The fund was open to local individuals, charities, organisations and local groups that are connected to Brockwell Park and its local area and provide activity or projects linked with both the park and the surrounding area.

The aim of the fund was to benefit Brockwell Park and close surrounding areas that are directly impacted by Mighty Hoopla & Cross The Tracks.

The fund has returned for 2021


  • Location:

    • The fund is open to applications from individuals, charities, organisations and local groups that are connected to Brockwell Park and its local area

  • Timeframe:

    • The project applying for the fund must be taking place within the following 9 months after the award being confirmed

  • Age/Residency:

    • Applicants must be aged 18 or over and a UK resident

  • Application Limit:

    • Each project should only apply once


50% of the fund will be allocated to support Environmentally Sustainable Initiatives, the remaining 50% will be allocated to other activities / projects.

Applications will be judged on the following criteria for the 2021 event:

  • Environmentally Sustainable Initiatives to benefit Brockwell Park and the wider area

  • The audience it benefits within Brockwell Park or wider area

  • Has a legacy for Brockwell Park or the wider area


  • Application process will be open on 27 September 21 and be open until 03 November 21, applicants will not be accepted after this time

  • An Online Application Form will be added to the event websites for applicants to complete.

Community Fund Application Form

  • An email address will be monitored throughout the application process to assist with any queries from applicants [email protected]


  • Full details of the fund will be included on the events websites

  • Local ward councillors will be asked to share the details with their communities via their channels of communication.

  • Organisers will work with local groups who represent the interests of local organisations to promote the fund.


Once the application deadline has passed, the fund will be allocated by an independent panel consisting of:

  • Summer Events Ltd director

  • Herne Hill ward councillor

  • Thurlow Park ward councillor

  • Tulse Hill ward councillor

Successful applicants will be notified by email by 12 November 2021

Applicants then have 10 working days to respond otherwise their application will be declared void and another applicant will be selected as above and will receive their allocation of the fund.

If we do not receive a sufficient number of applications that adequately meet the judging criteria (at the sole discretion of the judging panel), the fund may not be distributed, or may not be distributed in full. Any remaining funds will then be carried over to the next year, and if any funds remain within year 3 they will be distributed to the associated Summer Events Ltd charity partners.


The total fund amount will not be known until the festival has taken place each year. The amount of the fund allocated to each successful applicant will be decided by the judging panel.

Successful applicants will receive the fund by 03 December 2021


Successful applicants will be required to:

  • take part in a press release

  • submit photos and a quote associated with the projects that the fund has supported

  • submit an end of project report to document where / how the money has been spent, highlighting the benefits to which sectors of the local community


  • Guest list funds will be transferred into a dedicated bank account set up specifically for the fund monies

  • This bank account will be managed by Summer Events Ltd who will also action the payment of monies to the successful applicants

  • Once successful applicants have been informed, the full list of awards will be published on the events website



Event Dates – 3/4/5 Sept 2021

Community Fund Opens – 27 Sept 21

Community Fund Closes – 03 Nov  21

Judging Panel review applications – 08 Nov 21

Successful applicants contacted – 12 Nov  21

Deadline for successful applicants to respond – 26 Nov 21

Monies paid by Summer Events Ltd to successful applicants – 03 Dec 21