Sat 1 & Sun 2 June 2024, Brockwell Park, London

If you could describe your musical genre in five words, what would they be?

Alternative dance pop electronic vibes! That’s a word that covers a lot of the bases that my music treads, so yeah, “ViBeS” *cringes*.

If you had to explain your latest music to your younger self, how would you describe it?

I’d say ‘Hey younger self, firstly put the skinny jeans DOWN!…’ then I’d say your music has become this emotionally honest, fun, vulnerable, high energy dance leaning melt that you’ll be really proud of, and when you perform it you’ll always have the time of your life. Even though you’re not out to everyone you’ll sing about things like gay sex, exes, and mental health and people will jump and dance to it… so that’s fun.

What would be the ideal scenario [apart from Mighty Hoopla] for your music to be played in?

In a packed, sweaty venue where the floors are sticky and everyone is a bit wavey… And when you’re looking at the audience you can’t tell if they’re all going to the same event but they look fun.

What album growing up would you say formed your musical identity, and got you excited about this art form?

When I was a teenager Jai Paul’s album ‘Leak 04-13’ BLEWWW my mind – it taught me that breaking all the rules, having everything be a bit wrong but intense and dynamic and forward thinking is something pretty magical. I’m 200% less mysterious than him but it really made me fall in love with music and artistry and the idea that the more in tune you are with your creative impulses the more people will resonate with what you put out, no matter how crazy or messy it seems. Also just all Rihanna albums ever and when she had the red hair that was on loads of Topman t-shirts. That. That was iconic.

What song should our community start with from your back catalog?

I put out a song about a break up a few years ago with two DJs called SLVR and Offrami called Do Anything which is a good middle ground between some of my older more electronic-pop stuff and more recent dance leaning music. It started off as a completely different song that I wrote about my regrets in a relationship and then it transformed into this bass heavy club track that I love performing live. Or High Frequency which is about sex.

What can we expect from your Mighty Hoopla set?

Energy, I’ve got an outfit planned with lots of skin cause i’m very SHY! Maybe an unexpected cover if I’m in a funny silly goofy mood. Lots of bass, a few more emotional moments. But expect to dance and shout lyrics back to me.

Finish this sentence – Mighty Hoopla to me means…


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